Chris Payne

Chris Payne, a British orchestral composer for film & television, is a classically trained musician who attended Chichester Music College and Trinity College London. His extensive experience includes recording for prominent production music companies such as Chappell, BMG, Zomba, Carlin, Bruton, Universal, Warners, and PMOL. Notably, he co-wrote the 1980s hit “Fade To Grey” by Visage, and he was also keyboard player for Gary Numan from 1980 to 1990. He has conducted the LSO and the Prague Philharmonic Orchestras for his scores for film and TV commissions. 

Michael J. Stewart

British composer Michael J. Stewart is a multifaceted artist, excelling as a composer, pianist, writer, and record producer. Having pursued composition studies under John Tavener at Trinity College of Music, London, and delving into electronic music with Glen Morgan, as well as film composition with Richard Arnell, Stewart embraces a ‘pluralistic’ approach, transcending specific genres. His diverse portfolio includes collaborations in film, dance, theatre, and mixed media, drawing inspiration from cosmology, time, Zen philosophy, and quantum theory.

Adam Casciaro

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Aruhi, a classically trained pianist and composer, has graced solo and collaborative stages across Japan and Europe, partnering with notable musicians like oboist Katsuya Watanabe, violinists Ami Ito, and Michiko Kobayashi. Beyond her classical roots, she delved into experimental electronic music, releasing an album on the Electronic Music Library website. Currently, Aruhi is poised to direct and score a short film and has secured a commission to compose a soundtrack for another film project. Notably, she recorded the widely acclaimed world premiere recording of Sir John Tavener’s “Palintropos” as a pianist.